Do Not Delete DVD

Do Not Delete DVD

Do Not Delete DVD

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Speakers include:

  • Julie Grimstad, LPN: Medical Futility and Patient Advocacy
  • Cristen M Krebs, DNP, ANP-BC: Hospice in the 21st Centruty: A Life Affirming Model
  • Loren Kirchner, MD, MS, FACP: Medical Oaths in the Present Day
  • Marie Hilliard, MS (Nursing) JCL, PhD, R.N.: POLST and basic principles of Catholic Medical Ethics
  • David Mills: “My Father’s Good Death”
  • Ralph A. Capone MD, FACP: Patient Virtue and Healthcare Decision-Making


Issues Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia
Type DVD
Target Age Young Adults, Adults
Target Audience Church Groups, College Students, Counselors
Language English